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December 22, 2005



I saw new issues of Hi on sale at grocery stores all over Amman, and in Irbid and Karak too, this past summer in Jordan. I can't say if it was flying off the racks, but it was there. A focus group sample of two Palestinian kids in the back of a service taxi to Damascus indicated that they liked it.

the aardvark

Yeah, I didn't dislike it either - the kind of thing I'd be happy to page through in the dentists office. But also no different from a bunch of other similar mags...


I'd say the content of the magazine is actually quite highbrow for a teenage audience. Publishers in this country don't seem to have much respect for that audience. (See Cosmo Girl, Stuff)


They distribute it for free in the American Corner of the Modern language center at the University of Jordan!!

A couple of months ago I spotted an issue of the magazine with a title on the cover that said something about the new phenomenon of blogging... curious, I picked it up, and to my utter disappointment, the article - written by two people of Arab origin as you can tell by the names - mentioned NOTHING about blogs in the Arab world... absolutely nothing about any blog from this region, but instead, covered talked about a cuisine blog and then interviewed some American youth on why they blog... I only skimmed through it, but it was more than enough to confirm how so detached this magazine is!! I mean, seriously, you want to tell arab youth about blogs in the year 2005, and you fail to mention that it's already happening... you fail to do a bit of homework and research!!

what I like about all this US-funded media is that it shows you how the hard-core conspiracy theorists are off-mark... I mean, if the US and the zionists are behind everything everywhere and are secretly pulling the strings and brainwashing people all over the world, how come their public media efforts are so pathetic???

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