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December 19, 2005



its doubtful that the likes of wahbi and ruby are in the republic as they are arab musicians and this is Iran, a different language.

anywho, I think music has been unofficially banned in Iran but not that it is officially banned you will see a surge in music in Iran. everything that is banned in our part of the world has a huge demand and supply that accompanies it.

like the prohibition era.

i wonder if there's an iranian version of the great gatsby

the aardvark

Yeah, but George Michael doesn't sing in Farsi either...

the aardvark

... or maybe he does. I didn't even know he still made music, so what do I know?


First, my dear Father of Aardvarks, I had no idea that Haefa is Shia. My horizons are expanded.

Second as to whether Iranians listen to Leb Slut music, I can attest to my experience doing business in the region that, yes, young Iranians do indeed enjoy the joys of gyrating Leb Sluts.

Different language is really beside the point. Plenty of people listen to Rai and have not the slightest bloody clue as to what the Maghrebines are saying, even when its Arabi.

the aardvark

I can attest to the latter - can't understand the Maghrebi, love the rai music.


It helps to know that Maghrebines consider vowels a bourgeouis luxury, as Knqderou khder mghrebi.

Amazing ability to go without those silly vowels.

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