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November 29, 2005


monkey knife fight

See what happens when you are required to use the day's talking points in anything you write? *in a high-pitched voice* AWK-ward!

Amy Hawthorne

James Q. Wilson should take a pleasant mid-day stroll through Baghdad, passing by all the bombed-out cars and buildings. On his way back, he could stop by Egypt, fight his way through the mobs of baltagui and vote-sellers, and lend his hand to supervise one of the beseiged polling stations here in the "beginning of a democratic vote."

Nur al-Cubicle

That's funny. Perhaps Wilson should have a conversation with Francis Fukuyama:

We do not know what outcome we will face in Iraq. We do know that four years after 9/11, our whole foreign policy seems destined to rise or fall on the outcome of a war only marginally related to the source of what befell us on that day. There was nothing inevitable about this. There is everything to be regretted about it.

Robert Stevens

Indulge me Marc but I like this quote much better.

"Listen here, President Bush: now is not the time to recalibrate objectives away from democracy.Now is the time to focus: drive home the message to the Ba’athists that they have been defeated and that no amount of improvised explosive devices will change that fact. Tell the Iranians that should they choose to step on your toes then not only will their nuclear weapons facilities be blown to smithereens but so will their power and sewage plants; let’s see how popular their belligerency would sound to the run-of-the-mill Iranian then. And for heaven’s sake, curb those mutineers who are undermining the policy and morale of your administration."

-Nibras Kazimi who is now blogging at Talisman Gate بـاب الطلــسم.

Now that's an AEI 'spotlight' quote of the day.

Eat dust Arianna.

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