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November 17, 2005



I loved it. How did you conclude that it was addressed to Zarqawi?


Hektor Bim

Frankly, the fascination with nubile Arab pop stars was at the beginning somewhat illuminating, but now it is degenerating into a cross between People and creepy.

the aardvark

Would a "cross between People and creepy" be Peepy?

Brian Ulrich

The scary thing is that I can see some of our government officials making this mistake for real.


A long time ago i was looking at which jihadi sites linked to which other jihadi sites. And I came across a chechen site that had the following on its "Jihad Friends" list. http://www.jihad.net

Somehow, this seemed relevant, it at least to prove that American geeks were quicker to join the domain registration party than Al Qaeda.

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