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November 08, 2005



Fahed Fanek should wait for the agenda to be release, just like the rest of us.


A question and a comment about FF,

How exactly is FF (or for that matter any other columnist) judged to be "most influential"?

And Khalaf, for the most part, FF need not only wait for the NA to be released, but also consider retiring and saving us from his rhetoric, GDPs and growth percentages.

the aardvark

Jameed - well, if you ask Fahd al-Fanek, he'll tell you that he's the most influential!
Seriously, there have been a couple of public opinion polls that I've seen over the last decade that have asked which columnists people read, and Fanik is always head and shoulders above everyone else. Not even close. I don't really understand it, myself, but there you go.

Khalaf - I disagree... there has been a lot of information published in the press, as well as Muasher's various press conferences, which give rough outlines of what's in the Agenda. I'd say that if Muasher puts the information out there, it's fair game for columnists to discuss. And more to the point, if the NA Committee had put more information out along the way, then it might not have been so easy for the critics to attack it pre-emptively.


Well, I am sure that the 2500 report has answers to all of Fanek's questions. The proper way to start getting answers would be to release the stupid thing already. Muashers interviews raise more questions than answers, and the solution is not more interviews, but getting the document out.

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