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November 16, 2005



Just I want to take the time to thank you for your continuous coverage and informative analysis on the Middle East, Jordan in particular. You have recently been of a great help indeed for a more realistic and critical picture of Jordanian official policy.

Khadder Kenaan

The king said: "Jordan will not turn into a police state," Jordan does not to that it is already a police state. The problem is this criminal bombing had gave the police state more legitmacy to be out right vicious, the new law being fast-tracted that allow the government to hold suspects indefinately is nothing but a police state at its nadir. This so much for US "spreading democracy" in the Middle East.


Brilliant stuff...as usual, your insight continues to be spot-on, providing one of the most interesting and well-thought out Middle Eastern blogs I've ever come across.

- A Jordanian blogger (who is smart enough to keep his political rants in friends-only entries)

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