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November 27, 2005


Nur al-Cubicle

Here's what L'Orient Le Jour has to say:

King Abdallah II charged his new Prime Minister with "pursuing a war without pity against extremist groups and their ideology." "This will require the enactment of an anti-terrorism law without delay and the beginning of a war on extremist ideology."

In a published letter to King Abdallah, the new PM argued for a "preventative war against terrorism" while assuring that "the government will preserve the balance between security and liberty." He continued, "Reforms are no longer a choice but a necessity for the new Jordan we all desire". Bakhit met with legislators on Saturday to assure them that increased security "is not in contradiction with reform...The government will not undertake any measure to limit public freedoms."


Former Foreign Minister Abdel Ilah Khatib, 52, returns to the same post in which he served from 1998 to 2002.

Former Finance Minister Ziyad Fariz, 58, is named Deputy Prime Minister. Fariz is a liberal economist and former Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan.

Former Labor Minister Eid al-Fayez replaces Aouni Yervass as Interior Minister.

Planning Minister Souhair al-Ali keeps his job.

Tourism Minister Alia Bouran, Communications Minisner Nadia Saïd and Government Performance Minister Rouweida Maaytah all vacated their portfolios [All the women got dumped??]

Former Information Minister Nasser Jawdeh has been named Government Spokesman.

Nur al-Cubicle

Checking on some others

What an odd choice for Minister of Transporation! Saud Nseirat, former military attaché to Paris and Vice Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Abdul Fatah Salah Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. That's a good question...a key position in the "preemptive war against extremist ideologies, no?


The Guardian today has a briefing on Jordan, which includes a quotation from the Aardvark's professorial alter ego.


What do you make of this conclusion to the Jordan Times' editorial from Monday (at http://www.jordantimes.com/mon/opinion/opinion1.htm):

"One last word should be said about one of the most enlightened reformers this country has had over the past several years, who appears to be taking a well-deserved rest and leaving the spotlight for the time being.

One not so far away day former deputy prime minister Marwan Muasher might be back, exactly like other precious elements came back on Sunday in the new government. And we look forward to that day."

Maybe he's really just out for a breather, planning for bigger things?

khadder Kenaan

I Just want to point you to my latest post (in Arabic) on the new government in Jordan, hope to hear your comments.

the aardvark

Thanks, Khadder - too swamped right now to read or write much of anything, but hope to get to it soon.

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