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November 04, 2005




you write "muwafiq" with a "c"? - shame on you ...

where should one send the "lolita nation" cd?


the aardvark

I write it "Muwafic" because he does... though I'll never agree with "Alhurra" which is just an abomination!

Funny, someone else just offered to send the Lolita Nation CD.. which is just too cool for words. Looks like the blog is worth something after all... If his falls through, I'll let you know - thanks!

John Penta

I really hope CSPAN 1 covers these, as I don't have CSPAN 2 or 3...



on a not-quite-related note ... i've posted some observations/thoughts on my blog (http://levantese.blogspot.com/2005/11/what-are-we-going-to-do.html)

and invite you to read/comment ... it's all a bit aqoul-related.

if you got the 6 1/2 minutes ...



monkey knife fight

The CD is going out in tomorrow's mail.

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