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November 26, 2005


Dr Victorino de la Vega

In an interview published in London on Sunday, former interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi told The Observer newspaper that abuse of human rights in Iraq is as bad now as it was under Saddam Hussein, if not worse: Allawi accused pro-Iranian Shiite fundamentalists in the government of being responsible for death squads and secret torture centers- see link below

In an ironic twist, yesterday, following US ambassador John Bolton’s forceful steering of the UN towards a public condemnation of Lebanon’s Hizbullah and other pro-Iranian terrorist organizations, there was an avalanche of articles in Washington and Tel-Aviv celebrating the great moustached macho man’s diplomatic prowess…

One should recall that John Bolton has been the administration's point man on weapons of mass destruction: in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, he was particularly aggressive in denouncing Saddam's allegedly un-satiable appetite for “yellow cake”, “bacteriological chowder”, “nuclear soufflé” and other deadly delicacies supposedly “supplied to Iraq by greedy French arms makers”!

Too bad Bolton supported the illegal invasion of Iraq, for that country was the sole counterweight to Iranian Islamic fundamentalism, and the only (relatively) secular country in the whole Middle-East: many members of Saddam’s government such as Tariq Hanna Aziz and 30%+ of high-ranking civil servants were actually European-educated Catholics whereas Christians made up less than 4% of Iraq’s total population…

But Bolton, Bush and their Neocon cum Israeli partners in crime favored of a “free and democratic” Iraq ruled by “progressive” Shiite fundamentalists such as Prime-Minister Al-Ja’afari, a bearded Islamist thug of Iranian descent who claims to be an admirer of both Donald Rumsfeld and Grand Ayatollah Khomeini…Go figure.

Anyway, apart from the renegade “Sunni triangle” and the Kurdish Northeast, most of the country in now “fully liberated”, firmly under Persian terrorist influence: in many neighborhoods, from Baghdad’s eastern suburbs to downtown Basra, bearded Iranian agents roam freely in broad daylight while US and British soldiers don’t dare enter.

Ambassador Bolton, thank you so much for fighting for America’s freedom by “sending a strong message to Iran” during that fateful UN security council meeting yesterday!

You’re a real macho with a fully developed thick American moustache, not a dirty, small and less elaborate Arabian tash like that spider-hole wimp Saddam!

As for left-wing human rights activists and other wailing anti-war collaborators who recently condemned the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons by US and British forces in Iraq, well they’re just a bunch of ignorant liberals without any notion of modern nutrition and medicine: White Phosphorus (W.P. in Pentagon parlance) is actually good for brain and nerve formation in children.

Actually, unlike cynical French and Soviet arms merchants who fed you “YELLOW cake” from the BLACK continent (yuck, disgusting!), your “compassionately conservative” liberators have decided to contribute to the edification of a new generation of healthy cum freedom-loving Sunni Ayyrabz : and we even gave your kids premium quality WHITE produce !

Long live freedom!

Long live el Presidente Bush!

Long live Shariaa-based Islamic Law and the institutionalized persecution of second-class citizen such as women, Sunnis and Christians in “Grand” Ayatollah Sistani’s “free Iraq” for which we’ve spent a mere $800 billion in taxpayers money and the life of 2,200+ American kids!

Dr Victorino de la Vega
Chair of the Thomas More Center for Middle East Studies


Allawi's a damn hypocrite. Those abuses were being established while he was Interim Prime Minister. The only difference then was that US forces looked on in approval. I still remember his govt gloating about how many detainees they had. Any "disease" that exists in the Interior Ministry he helped infect it with.

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