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October 23, 2005


Mike Nargizian

I don't want to change the topic but in regards to Jordan let me ask you now if you think Memri provides a valuble service? And if the argument of "degree" is even worth mentioning here? On what planet does this pass for television and on Ramadan when Islamic families are more apt to be home and watching tv as a family!!

the aardvark

Bored now.

Want to read MEMRI, read MEMRI - I don't care.

Mike Nargizian

So your summary of my post about a special playing this year in Jordan (last year in Egypt, PA and Syria) about how Jews plan to control the world, Rabbis using the Talmud take the blood of little Arab children (with Arab actors in full 'hosetic gear' portraying this) IS -
So you want to read Memri fine...

Gee that's not avoidance is it?
Hey but I know on the "whole" at least the Arab media in "moderate" Jordan is excellent... even if they play something Goerbells would blush at on Ramadan when most Arab families are home together watching TV.

But I know the real problem is MEMRI's "skewed" impression of the Arab media, ok ok got it.


Mike Nargizian

Might I add your reply was very "scholarly" as well.

the aardvark

My reply was not meant to be scholarly. It was meant to convey my extreme boredom with the topic.

Nor is it avoidance. I've written far more about MEMRI than the topic merits, and don't feel the need to repeat "zippeday day" every time somebody says "zippedy doo dah." That's what archives are for.

Mike Nargizian

Your writings, and I've only read only a smattering of them on Memri, are usually critical and seem to only diminish it's value. It's fine to be a watchdog of it. It's notable Arab sites haven't done this? Probably bcs they have a lot in their closet increased publicity on both would bring out.

My point is MEMRI is the ONLY one who serves the purpose to expose the severe problems of the Arab media. WHO ELSE is doing this?

And by the way does that last line rhyme? lol...

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