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October 30, 2005



I don't watch al-Arabiyya very often--does it have better Iraq coverage? Could there be a slight dialect difference that makes al-Jazeera less popular?


Pratike, difference of framing. Not dialect. Al-Arabiyah has less (Sunni centric) Arab nationalist bent to its coverage with respect to Iraq.

I personally have long liked Al Arabiyah for being somewhat less sensationalistic.

Sit down and watch it for a while, you'll see the tendancies.


Does al-Arabiya have talk shows? I haven't noticed much bias in their Iraq coverage in the news bulletin since I began understanding what people say (I guess about a year ago). Although I also don't have access to the video and listen to it maybe once every couple of weeks. But al-Jazeera likes to have colorful folks sounding off at each other or into the camera much more than most news channels. If al-Arabiya puts more sedate officials and bland analysts on the air, that would certainly seem to favor a non-disgruntled-Sunni Iraqi perspective.


I haven't noticed much bias in their Iraq coverage

Their meaning al-Jazeera's.

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