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October 28, 2005



i just wanted to correct some info you have in your post...president bush actually gave an interview to alhurra after the abu ghraib scandal he tried during the interview to clear some points concerning the bad image left in iraq and the world after publishing these images...i found this item on the interview with alhurra on the pbs website http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/white_house/jan-june04/bush-alhurra_5-5.html

the aardvark

Basboos - Bush did both al-Hurra and al-Arabiya interviews in May 2004 in response to Abu Ghraib.


Hmm, enticing the public with Tunisian politics to have them read about sex in America... very sneaky. :-)

Anna in Cairo

Boy what a shocker, Abu A. Like everyone else on the planet, the Arab market responds to stories about sex, and Al Arabiya has figured this out.

This must have been a very slow news day - for you, not for them. :)

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