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September 08, 2005



Jeez, that sounds like a terribly designed institution. Especially giving Saddam that much leverage.

Thanks for doing the wading through, so the rest of us don't have to (though we ought).


the Iraqi government - and not the UN - had the power to award contracts. This gave Saddam tremendous leeway in rewarding friends and punishing enemies. And this, of course, was negotiated by the United States in Resolution 986 - and can not be blamed on the UN.

I wonder who in the Bush I administration (I'm assuming Res. 986 was developed then) was responsible for negotiating this language. Too overwhelmed with other tasks to research this, shouldn't even be thinking about international issues....

John Penta

Nell: Nope. I can tell by the numbering, and a check of the UN website confirms my suspicion.

The last reso of 1992 was in the 700s.

986 was passed in 1995.

Firmly a Clinton-era document.


Who was responsible for creating it, in any case?

David W

...comes off very poorly - a poor administrator who did not maintain control of a wildly out of control operation, did not investigate widely disseminated rumours of corruption and abuse, did not provide either transparency or accountability, and probably took substantial kickbacks.

...was a bureaucratic nightmare, with agencies playing roles far beyond their competence and, again, little accountability, transparency, or oversight. There was rampant corruption and profiteering.

ok, these paragraphs will help sum up the Federal Disaster that hit the US Gulf coast (after the hurricane) just as nicely...

while I'm sure there was indeed mismanagement of the Food for Oil program, this inquiry has always reeked of a stalking horse, designed to deflect outrage against the Republicans--nevermind that the US has floated $300 billion to fund Bush's war (with at least $9B totally unaccounted for!)

i'm originally from Minnesota, so i'm aware of what a smarmy opportunist that Norm Coleman is (which makes him fit perfectly with the Bush regime)--it speaks volumes about this country that he replaced Paul Wellstone, who was one of the Last Good Politicans who actually cared about the people of this country.

btw, my hope is that Bolton was involved in the Valerie Plame outing, thus forcing Bush to act on his vow to fire anybody in his administration who has committed a crime!

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