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August 15, 2005



That is a very static way of looking at things. Public opinion shifts. supposedly US support for dictators is one of the reasons for anti americanism. With democracy there goes that one.
As an example of shifting support for the US. though I do not have hard data, I would wager that support for the US in Egypt in 1956, when Eisenhower stepped in to thwart the UK, France and Israel (odd coupling viewdd from today) was way way higher than now. So things changed in a negative sense, but they can certainly go the other way, as they probably did in israel from 1956 to the present. US help post tsunami in Indonesia had an immediate positive impact. Public opinion is fluid, dictatorships are not.


Thanks again for a good link.
The comment above makes a valid point. The view advanced by the article is, in fact, static. But it seems to me that when many non-combatants are killed along with those doing the fighting, the results move from static to dynamic in generations, not years. And, uh, money also helps. Look at South Asia.

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