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August 15, 2005



Somebody trying to write bad fiction would never be able to match this sentence -- the back half of the sentence so eerily beautiful in its blithe inattention to the front half:

"His stunning bronze eyes gleamed like precious metal."

Nur al-Cubicle

Just you and me, Shaykh baby, in our tent by the oasis. Send the dancing girls away!

collounsbury - aqoul

Oh the shame.

Shaula Evans

I wonder if any 20th century lit experts can comment on similar phenomenon in recent history...

Did everyone write/buy romance novels about Iowa farm girls and Samurai after Pearl Harbour? Were Russian soldiers ripping the bodices of California housewives on the cover of bestsellers during the cold war?

John Penta

Globecanvas: Please, no more samples. I like my eyes, and don't want to claw them out.

(That was baaaad.)

Shaula: Probably not for the latter.

Meanwhile, for WW2, I would imagine the Germans were more popular. The myths about Asian...sexual capacity weren't very complimentary.


Hah. I remember at the height of the Bin Laden hunt a South African magazine (called "You") ran an article about how Bin Laden had become a sex symbol for Western women.

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