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August 22, 2005




Argh! My bandwidth!

The Lounsbury

I am most unhappy about this. Most unhappy indeed. She's happy, me no. Going to blow my bloody cool.

Abu Sinan

This isnt surprising. I think you will find a lot of interest in the Middle East in the West now that we are at war there. After WW2 soldiers brought home all sorts of things and German culture became rather an "in" thing. I dont think too many soldiers will be bringing home wives like happened in WW2, but other stuff will come back with them.

Music is already been invaded by the Middle East. many soundtracks are now featuring Middle Eastern music and singers, often where you least expect. Natacha Atlas, a well known Arab singer, did a large chunk of the "Hulk" soundtrack. Listen to it you'll hear the Arabic rifts.

the aardvark

Natacha Atlas did The Hulk soundtrack? Dang, I didn't know that... the movie was so bad I turned it off after about 45 minutes (I never actually got to see the big green guy, that's how slow the movie was...). Maybe I'll see if the soundtrack is available super-duper cheap on ebay...

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