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August 26, 2005


The Lounsbury

Well, 93 percent. The Old Shrimp Eater is feeling generous it appears, allowing that less than 99 percent of right thinking Egyptians don't just love him to death.

Nur al-Cubicle

AA: I know MB didn't exactly endorse Nour, but following the meeting, the MB called on their members not to boycott the election and to vote. That's something, anyway, isn't it?


I covering the rally in Alex and Jamilla Nour told us that it was Mounir singing, anonymously, for what it's worth.

Sowtona staff

Please check out www.sowtona.com for a blog about a special reporting project that's going on in Egypt now. Egyptian journalists interviewed more than 1,000 ordinary citizens about their problems, and published a special supplement called "Our Voice". The stories from the supplement are posted on this blog.

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