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August 02, 2005


The Lounsbury

Bou Aradvrak,

I too noted Al Arabiyah turned in King Fahd TV, it was indeed pitiful. Normally I rather like the station, but this was grotesque. Out of boredom with memo writing I also took in al Hurra, which uniquely managed to feature lots of shots of Fahd with American presidents. Not much style in my opinion though.

Al Jazeera did indeed show its value in this instance.

However, putting the Fahd thing in context, I am not sure US media (although I have been away for a long time) is much better when it comes to these moments (i.e. deaths of "local rulers" - say ex Presidents).

the aardvark

Al-Hurra showed lots of "Fahd with President" shots? How fascinating! According to a piece in al-Quds al-Arabi, that is exactly how Syrian and Egyptian TV covered it: lots of shots of Fahd plus Prez. Nice to see al-Hurra keeping up with its peer competitors.

The Lounsbury

Yup. Multiple times.

Reagan, Bush, Clinton. I seem to recall a Bush II shot as well, but that seems wrong. Perhaps I was dazed.

It was touching if a bit boring. Okay, rather boring.


"Thank the godS for al-Jazeera"

Hmm... was that a snide jab at Wahhabism?

the aardvark

can't get anything past you people!

.... no, I only wish I was that clever....

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