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August 04, 2005


Holly Wood

Geez, AA, namedrop much!?

the aardvark

Well, when you live in a hopping, star-studded town like Williamstown, MA, it's hard not to!

The Lounsbury

My Bou Aardvark:

There are some things one should simply not admit in public.

the aardvark

You're all missing the joke...

Williamstown is a town of 2000 people in a valley surrounded by mountains, cows, organic collective farms, and old industrial towns devastated by plant closures. If I lived in LA and I said "hey, I just had coffee with Eric Stoltz," that would be kind of silly. But most people wouldn't associate W-Town with Hollywood glamour... which is why I find it amusing that Gwyneth stood in line for coffee in front of me. It's like seeing a cow walking down the street in New York, get it?

Anyways, if I see Dawn around town today, I'm asking for an autograph.


I may disagree with you on some of your conclusions re. the middle east, but at least I know you have good taste, as buffy is indeed the best show out there. I am proud to say that my wife and I have all seven seasons on DVD, and we actively try and succeed in converting doubting Thomases. All it takes is 3 episodes in season 2 and you are hooked the rest of the way

No Preference

Imagine comparing Gwyneth Paltrow to a cow walking down the street.

the aardvark

I give up.... tough crowd.

anyway, Gwyneth is actually very nice. And Apple is very, very cute. So there.


Abu Aardvack, looking at your prior writings on buffy, I really like your analogy but I would put it this way. I thought it was a little ridiculous how the scooby gang turned buffy out, not believable. then again as you say if Buffy was the US, then Xander was definitely France, buffy saved him a zillion times but no gratitude. Spike was the UK, and I like Willow as Germany, I am a pacifist etc...
then again as Buffy said "Now I know why there is a prophecy about the slayer and not a prophecy about the slayer and her friends" and " the mission always come first" both seem appropriate for the US role and status in the world. The US will have no friends so long as the power gap is too large.
Here lies the US, it save the world a lot to paraphrase buffy tomb at the end of season 5

Rex Brynen

OK, so who is going to organize the Buffy panel at MESA? ("The Gendered Influence of Moorish Crossbow Design on BtVS, Season Three"). At the very least, it would get us a mention on Martin's blog...


I tend to think Michelle Trachtenberg isn't Michelle Trachtenberg. Here is another theater reference to someone with the same name.

That said, Eric Stolz always gave me glazed over stares on Spring Street.

the aardvark

You might be right... I haven't seen Dawn around, and she would have been here for a month now. Hard to believe I coud miss her. Funny thing is that I got the notice off of a Joss Whedon blog, so someone else must have made the same mistake!

Eric was probably just stoned, or something....


Not to be too much of a google geek but . . .
This page makes a connection between WTF and the "other" Michelle T.

And I now think of Michelle not as Dawn but as Celeste from Six Feet Under.

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