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August 22, 2005


Abu Sinan

Good post. There is A LOT of disinformation out there in the Western media abotu Darfour, its origins, and what people are or arent doing about it.

The Lounsbury

Well, a nod to you mate, didn't know you had covered this, before I discoverd Father of Aardvarks.

That aside, I don't know if I would call reporting on Dar Fur disinformation as just plain ignorance and lack of understanding. It's easy to get fooled by the labels - Arab, Black African, etc. And of course some types pimp real disinformation.

Well, at least I had the occasion to have been accused of gone native. One day I'll figure out what the bloody hell that really means...


I tried to explain this to Britt earlier, but he didn't listen. Also worth noting is that the Egyptian government's primary concern is to retain one negotiating partner in Sudan where Nile water rights are concerned.

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