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August 17, 2005


Abu Sinan

Arabs and driving not a good mix. lol

The Lounsbury

Oh, Jordan is not that bad. At least people stop at the bloody lights.

On the other hand, Egypt is the place where I once saw one of the Lada like clunkers blissfully going the wrong way down the Strada.

Yes, I think you could do an OP Ed out of that.


I actually think Lebanon is far more dangerous to the unwary pedestrian, because at least in Cairo they're going slowly. In Beirut you're liable to get a Mercedes hood ornament implanted in your sternum if you aren't paying close attention.

John Penta

Abu Sinan: I don't know if it's Arabs. As I recall, *every one* of the countries around the Mediterranean is noted for the...horrific driving abilities of their populace.


What bull about sleek new highways in India. That has to be Tom Friedman, right? He does tend to get carried away with his flat-smooth world imagery. A teeny minority of the roads in India are sleek and new and even those that are have terrible accidents because vehicles of different speeds use them (including the occasional tractor or bullock cart) and because people who live nearby cross them by foot, since the almighty technocrats did not see fit to provide for them. Take that for a metaphor of Indian society (the real India, that is, not the oases of software and outsourcing that Friedman seems to have jetted in and out of).

I think if Friedman made a slight effort to actually think about the correlation between traffic and politics, he would quickly run up against the problem of why Rome doesn't produce angry radicals.

the aardvark

SP - that was my parody of Tom Friedman, not Friedman himself... but it's hard to tell the difference, eh? But if I were a betting aardvark, I'd bet that he has used the traffic metaphor for India at some point.

Anna in Cairo

Your parody of Friedman is not complete without a taxi driver quote. The thoughtful young Arab was a nice touch but not enough. I guess your mustache needs a bit of tonic. Also, you need a really silly metaphor (preferably mixed) to tie it all together.


AA - that was an extremely convincing Tom Friedman! I don't normally fall for fakes - only the real Moustache of Understanding brings out the knee-jerk rant in me. Mabruk

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