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August 31, 2005



This is the first year in five that I won't be going to APSA, and I have to say I'm looking forward to the break. Maybe it's because I'm still a grad student, but it drives me a little more nuts every year. I actually DO enjoy the panels, I don't mind the schmoozing, and the cocktail things are, well...an opportunity to drink. But the overall stress vibe is overwhelming! Please tell me this is better when one has a job...

Anyhow, thought I'd bring this one to your attention, too:

1-16 Comparative Methodologies and Methodologies of Comparison (Sunday, 10:15, Marriott)

Maybe it's just because Anne's my committee chair, but it sounded cool to me.

And don't get too down on conferences - I'm flying all the way back from Cairo for MESA!

the aardvark

Oh yes, MESA - I meant to thank you for posting pre-scripted comments on your paper, to save me the work!

Just kidding...

John Penta

AA: Your enthusiasm is odd. Whenever I ask, the APSA conference is almost universally panned by the profs here. (It does seem, I note, particularly poorly timed, coming right at the beginning of the fall semester at most schools.)

Is there something I'm missing? Is the PS dept at Scranton just clueless?

-The confused undergrad?

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