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July 01, 2005


monkey knife fight

OT, but pop culture related: did you get my email about those people selling the 'Lolita Nation' CDs? I actually sent it from my work email, not the gmail address.

the aardvark

Oh, was that you? Yeah.. that's always the problem. It's easy to get if you're willing to spend $50+... but I'm not.


Well that was very interesting indeed, Father of Aardvarks. Waad. Did not know about her, I shall have to delve deeper.

I might suggest an item of interest is the internet porn scandal in Morocco. Tangentially connected in reality, but in local talk, hotting up in re the whole TV and Internet morality issue.

Nur al-Cubicle

Le Monde has mentioned a Sex Tourism scandal in Morocco.

monkey knife fight

Don't like the the open market, hey? Now that I think about it, I'm sure some of my friends will have this on CD. I'll ask around. Man, I'm now starting to get a new jones for that neo-psych sound again. Have you ever heard of Dead Meadow? They're more like neo-neo-psych. Fortunately, this shit will never completely die out. Now to dig up some old Hoodoo Gurus.


Oh this is really cheap. IS LIFE ONLY ABOUT HOW WOMEN DRESS AND THEIR "FREEDOM" TO SING, MIX ..... BLA BLA... ? PLEASE GUYS CUT THE CRAP HERE AND ADDRESS THE REAL ISSUS. Wearing Hijab is not such a misery. And believe it or not their are tons of ppl wearing it with their own interest with out being told to do it.

What exactly do you say bout those None-Arab Muslim girls who choose to wear Hijab without any ones intervention? Hey Look Waco’s don be just a parrot of the western media.

Hayat, Africa, Ethiopia

David W

AA, your music-video-as-liberation thesis grows stronger every day!

The forcing of women into subservient roles by the Saudis and others gives fuel to anti-Muslim movements, who use this as evidence that the 'truth' of Islam involves brutality and dominance over women.

It is interesting to consider the fact that wearing the hijab did not come from Muhammed--where did it come from? what kind of Islam is being promoted by those who would force women to wear the hijab?

Wearing the hijab should be a personal choice--my wife does not choose to wear the hijab, and I'm not going to pull some patriarchal b.s. to force her to...

I'm not much of a girlpop music lover, but i'm down with Saad, and the Video Revolution--you go, girl!


ps. it's also funny how so many Saudis can't wait to go on vacation to Beirut, so they can do all the things they can't in SA;>


In fairness, Hayat, the post wasn't just about conceptualizing women's issues in terms of clothing and music. It addressed women's issues in terms of getting the crap beaten out of them, kidnapped, and killed. Are those serious enough for you?


I agree that we shouldn't read too much into women prancing around on music videos as a sign of liberation, though it has its good points. But Hayat, someone getting beaten up for singing is a serious matter and we shouldn't make excuses for it and get defensive just because it's an issue the "Western media" has picked up on. "This is our culture" is the favourite line of patriarchal oppressors the world over.

On the hijab issue, of course, "new veiling" has changed our stereotypes about oppressed vs liberated women. I see loads of sassy, strong, career women muhaggabat in Cairo,who are in many ways "practising" feminists, as well as lots of princessy glamour-dolls with loose hair and revealing clothes, who just want to marry a rich man. While I'm still uncomfortable with the idea that it's the woman and not the man who has to prove she is virtuous and a good Muslim when she goes out to work, new veiling does challenge my ideas as a feminist.

And then you have Saudi women who can't do so many things without a male escort.

Nur al-Cubicle

Here's a story of the politics of song from the West Bank (via L'Orient-Le Jour):

Armed Fatah members hindered a concert by a popular Palestinian singer on July 5th in Nablus in the northern West Bank. Ammar Hassan, who became famous in the Palestinian territories after winning a televised song contest watched throughout the Arab world, was to give a 4-hour concert on the campus of al-Najah University in Nablus. But some hours before the concert, three Fatah gunmen visited his hotel in Nablus and ordered him not to perform. The young man refused to cave into their demands. The concert began with a slight delay before 1500 fans but twenty armed men shooting into the air and dozens of protesters hurling insults gathered outside. Fearing a riot, the organizers ended the performance after an hour. The singer was escorted to a safe place by campus police. The auditorium doors were then opened to let out the crowd giving the armed men a chance to enter. They then began firing shots and knocking over chairs. Musical performances are very rare in the Palestinian territories where this kind of entertainment is discouraged by radical Islamist groups supported by the population. Born in Salfit, a village on the northern West Bank, Ammar Hassan became an idol in 2004 among young Palestinians when he became a finalist on "Superstar", a song competition broadcast by the Lebanese network Future TV.

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