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July 14, 2005



Excellent post, mate. I agree , seen it in operation.

George Carty

Since the "jihadis and takfiris" cannot be reasoned with, even by other Islamists, they must be destroyed outright. How would you recommend the West achieve this goal?

the crossfader

they cannot be wiped out per se, they can only be starved of recruits.


So no matter what we do, we're screwed til they become old men?

Somehow, that does not satisfy me.

Tom Scudder

Penta: tough shit. This is the real world, not a video game. And when they're old men, there will be new young men, somewhere, with a grudge and an ideology and not much sense.

Mark Kromer

Like many Americans on September 11 2001, I found myself asking “What do we do now?” I concluded then that the problem would not be solved until the extremists are recognized as such in their own societies and are marginalized the way extremist groups are here and elsewhere. They will always exist, but their own neighbors will fear, despise, contain and control them the way they would any other dangerous animal.

That transformation of perception starts with opinion leaders, and that’s why I am encouraged by the quantity and frequency of the denunciations. If the denunciations are loosing impact, perhaps it is because denunciation of terrorism is becoming the norm.

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