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July 19, 2005


Ghurab al-Bain

There is no "official" Iraqi media. The Americans did indeed do a lousy job setting up the Iraqi Media Network, which includes Al-Iraqiyya TV and Al-Sabah newspaper, but they are hardly official mouthpieces even though they are fully funded by the Iraqi Goverment (American funding ended in 2004). Al-Sabah even refers to the American "occupation" of Iraq!
And "Al-Sharqiyya" is hardly the free press paragon many make it out to be, but rather very representative of the personal interests of its owner (and supposedly all that Saudi money, according to the UK court case)

the aardvark

I'd say that the Iraqi media as created and administered by the CPA was in fact an "official" media by any definition of the word... How it's developed since the handover may be another story, but my point had to do with the CPA version.

As for al-Sharqiya, I do not disagree with you even a little bit.


I've heard the rumour about the Saudi money in al Sharqiya before, but I had to spike it as the journo who wrote about it couldn't give me any supporting evidence at the time (libel laws are harsh in the UK). If someone could give me the name of the court case, I'd be incredibly grateful...

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