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July 11, 2005


David F.

What's more, the production costs of Nancy Ajram's videos are surely borne by her record company, which gives them to the music video channels so that their viewers will be inspired to buy her CDs.

For stations that have to produce their own programming rather than getting it free from record labels, talking heads are always the cheapest option. It doesn't make any difference whether they're "Terror Shaykhs" or pundits from Saudi-owned newspapers. :)


And I guess that a Nancy Ahram video is broadcast rather more often than a "Terror Shaykh's" preaching ?

Broadcast a video clip 10 times vs. 1 sermon and the costs become the same

Take account of the advertising revenue the consumers of each can raise and it's no contest ;-)


As you correctly refute most of the arguments dr. Findy used in his article , why do you think that Findy writes such bizarre articles directed to the Arab world ? Al-Ahram daily almost stopped publishing anything written by him and I think this is a blessing .


Al-Jazeera today in its fternoon hourly news is saying that Al-Zarqawi is responding to the criticisms posed by Al-Maqdissi in his Al-Jazeera interview denouncing killing civilians and Shia in particular . I think more details will come soon . I'm not sure if this appeared on Al-Jazeera web site but will check for it.


Here is a link under the title : Zarqawi slams mentor's criticism of Iraq attack .



this certainly is a great argument..
u nev er know, it may become handy for me one day!

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