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July 25, 2005


Tom Scudder

Incidentally, I'd think that the last bomb in Beirut fits into the Nancy-Haifa wars paradigm, given that it struck Monot Street.


I hope my Sat is working when I get home. I am now very much intrigued by this farming angle. I am sure to learn much about agriculture.


This show seems like the equivalent of N. America's "The Simple Life" (Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie as rich brats on a farm) and "The Surreal Life", where a bunch of has-been/15-minute celebrities live in a house together.

My only complaint is that I haven't heard much about Ruby lately. She's my favourite poptart/sexbomb

Col - Agriculture? Who knew.

Abu Tabakh

Next time someone calls me a "humar," I will fondly think of the first picture. Thanks, AA!


I laughed out loud at this. Life does go on, no matter how sh**ty the news. Thanks for the humor break.

Abu Sinan

Interesting to note that reality shows, an import from the USA, are so popular. Why is it that the world tends to take the worst of what America has to offer?


In May, on our "freedom trip" to France, my kids and I often caught their version of "Celebrity Farm," which featured celebrities living the rural life. The show dates to early 2004 More than a dozen celebs live on a real farm, apparently without running water or electricity.

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