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June 01, 2005



Dude - I feel sorry for Baby Aardvark - will she be able to enjoy comics without deconstructing commentary?

The Sandmonkey

It is possible he is a creation of the amalgam universe created when the marvel and DC heros collided in order to save their respective universe. However, any dark Pheonix or Darkseid associations are doubtfull, because zaraqawi is too religious for either one's taste and we know that he is loosely affiliated with Magneto and Magneto doesn't like to share minions.

I can't help but wonder though: why is superman pointing a gun to his head in the picture? You know the bullet will just bounce off. Is he pretending to be sad about this? Could it be that his new secret identity is zarqawi? I mean, when u think about it, it makes perfect sense: He would never be suspected to be superman,he always manages to get away and disappear faster then a speeding bullet one might say, and he does have black hair. Hmmm... I smell me a conspiracy! Once i figure out how to incorporate the Bushes into it, it will become absolutely believable.

Ok, my geek rant is over!

Tom Scudder

It's possible the gun is loaded with (green) Kryptonite bullets.

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