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June 29, 2005



Amtrak really is the best option between NY and DC - I don't know why anyone would fly, given the option.

I'd be curious to know what you make of Homo Foggybottumus, and whether the High Powered Government Panel is paying any attention to what's going on in Egypt.


RE Logistics: SP is right, Amtrak is the only way from NYC, from my 1200 or so trips (that I don't have to make any more since I live in the Gulf now).

RE Jedi: You gotta wonder. Were they disembowled by some kind of Jedi Dreyfus affair that occured between episodes?

the aardvark

Yeah, Amtrak is better. But that doesn't help when you are making a connecting flight....

Sorry, SP, can't say anything about my panel, even though I'd love to blog it. I was told so, quite sternly. Not that I would have anyway - basic confidentiality protocols - but I'm on especially good behavior on account of the shoe situation.


Ooohh...seriously high-powered, eh?

Maybe not specifically about the panel, but if you spoke to other policy types in DC I'd be curious to know what the general trend is with regard to Egypt. There have been so many conflicting signals that there is a good deal of cynicism here about US intentions, and an assumption that recent rhetoric about liberalisation is pure window-dressing. If you'd care to, do comment on that, if not, maalesh.


re 4b...not that lucas every really seeks to be more logical than any 10year old boy....but for what its worth...that's why the sith are called "the phantom menace" they used to be a large order, but were revived in a very sealthy manner, only allowing two to exist at any one time. from more see:
(yoda, of course, is the only one who sensed what was going on, defeated his attackers)

the aardvark


OK, that's more about the sith than I knew. But here's the next silliness: why did they only send two troopers to kill Yoda, the most powerful of all the jedi? I mean, everyone else got taken out by practically a whole batallion.


Random question re Egypt: Why are we selling em Avengers?

What the hell is the potential threat? (Besides, I thought we try to avoid encouraging arms races.)


Abu, Please accept my condolences on the loss of your cat.

this is the first chance I have had to say, welcome back.

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