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June 03, 2005



Well, I hate to be estimable, but let me share the link to what I refer to in the link:

Actually testing my link I seem the idiots at leconomist whacked their PDF, thus you miss the front page photo of Nancy that graced our estimable semi-incoherent business daily.

I also note that when Rachid Taha comes to town, none of this silliness occurs.

Pity, Rachid Taha is far more talented, but the Machreqi scum are unaware of him.


I *love* Rachid Taha. I once saw some rough, bootleg footage of a show he did in Amman, and the crowd seemed pretty in to him. But I think you're right... the Leb-sluts, as you call them, travel West, but the Maghrebi Rai singers don't seem to travel East.


From the photos, the charms of these Lebanese singers seem relatively straightforward. Is the music worth listening to?

Mona Eltahawy


I'm sure you know about this already but here's a link to a New Republic story republished in an Australian paper that quotes you:


Good to see you quoted!

As for Amr Diab in politics...


If I may make a plea for halfway decent music, where is the Arabic Kurt Cobain? Come on, there's heaps of authentic pain and suffering throughout the Arab world, where is its distillation into loud guitar music?


I don't know of any super-angst-ridden whiny Arab musicians, but rai music is very good and has more meaningful lyrics than the usual habibi stuff. Rachid Taha, Cheb Mami and Khaled are all great. There's also Zebda (Arabs and Africans from France) for good irreverent subaltern-immigrant lyrics with great tunes. And Idir and Gnawa Diffusion though they don't sing that much in Arabic.


Hey there Aardvark,

Rachid Taha will be in Lebanon shortly.

However, he's playing at the elite, ultra-exclusive Music Hall where the relatively few seats and accompanying tables garner more cash than an auditorium for 1,000.

The concert is being pretty popularly advertised. However, right next to Taha posters are ones for Paul Oakenfold's concert at the end of the month.

By the way, have you become familiar with Maria, the Armenian phenomenon who is trying to out-Haifa Haifa.


Coincidentally enough, I just saw the Algerian singer Fella shooting a music video in downtown Beirut last night.
She comes to perform here quite often.

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