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June 08, 2005



As the public diplomacy expert, where would you say the Bush administration is right now on the question of public diplomacy as changing-what-we-actually-do vs public diplomacy as putting-better-spin-on-what-we-do (or, as USAID types sometimes say, making Arabs aware of how much the US already does for them in economic or aid terms)?


I think it's so difficult to really believe the United State's sincerity because of past negligence. Sadly I've encountered a lot of people in the US that say Arabs should be coming to us rather than us going to them, but I don't think they understand that because of the past it's difficult to expect that, and I wonder how it is best to effectively portray this to the average American. There's a great book that goes along with the subject of Arab/American relations called 'Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts' which I think is worth noting in this situation.

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