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June 21, 2005



"ERTU scores highly for trust, objectivity and relevance" - really? Is this among the population as a whole, most of whom do not have access to cable news? I'd like to know what the relevant figures are for those who do have a basis for comparison


What does the abbreviation ERTU exactly stand for? Is it Egypt Radio & TV or what ?

Nur al-Cubicle

Golly, I would sure like to know more about the people who run al-Jazeera.

For example, the people behind the Paris paper Le Monde, Patrick Jarreau, Laurent Greislamer, Jean-Marie Colombani, provide a center-left narrative to international events, culture and politics with wide acceptance among educated middle class. The same goes for the team behind La Repubblica, Vittorio Zucconi and Eugenio Scalfari. Unlike the Washington Post or The New York Times, there appear to be no pundits who regularly slap their readership in the face with innuendo, provocation, sometimes idiocy (thinking of Friedman here) and carrying water for the Administration. They don't censor debate and are progressive (leftish) in their outlook.

So who are these al-Jazeera men and women behind the scenes? What universities did they attend? Do they have links to foreign academia or media people? What is there philosophy? Why do they bother to offer debate? What are their political beliefs? Are they serving the middle class? What are they trying to achieve? Are they comrades in arms with the Monde and Repubblica people mentioned above?


ERTU stands for Egyptian Radio and Television Union, if I remember correctly.

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