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May 27, 2005



What is it with these offspring. Mine don't like for me to play the violin (I attended Oberlin Conservatory for a year, I'm not *that* screechy) nor do they like my singing. They only want me to play piano if they can bang the keys too.

I'm also not allowed to speak Arabic to them because "those are Jiddi's words."

My family spent my first 2.5 years of life in the Middle East where I became bilingual in English & Arabic. After my 2d birthday we moved back to the States, and I soon instructed my father "Don't speak to me in that language" (meaning Arabic). He never did again, and while I can rattle away in Arabic with my cousins, I find it very difficult to converse with my father in anything but English.

(He did manage to teach me to read Arabic when I was 6 or 7, so all was not lost)

In sum, it may not be your dancing, it may just be the perversity of offspring. Try and remember how embarrassing your parents were in your childhood...Now you're the embarrassing one, and it starts in toddlerhood. Sorry!

the aardvark

"starts in toddlerhood" ... no, I'm sorry, that is simply not acceptable. No it is not. Embarrassing her when she's in high school, sure - that's a job requirement. But not now!


It is, unfortunately, true, AA.:-)


My parents embarrassed me horribly when I was 10, and that was 30 years ago. Kids are so much more advanced these days. Ergo, it starts in toddlerhood.

My condolences, ya Ustaz. And don't think it would be any better if you raised the child in the Middle East, the infection has spread - transmitted by television, possibly.


Hehehehe...it *does* seem a bit early for embarrassment. And all the girl toddlers I know seem to adore their daddies. What can I say, AA, your dancing must be, um, special ;)


Why are we avoiding the real issue here?

Is the aardvark dance truly disturbing? The problem may not be the media. It may truly be the dancing.

Note, the child used the word "scary" not embarassing, bad, weird, etc. Too bad disturbing or maladroit are not in the toddler vocabulary.

I don't mean to pick on you aardvark, but you can't be good at everything. It's okay.

If it makes you feel any better, Jumana is not supposed to be a very good dancer. I've heard about a certain event at a wedding.

Dick Durata

It hasn't been pinned down if Daddy dancing is scary in general, or if it is the Bath Dance that strikes terror in Cub's little heart. Maybe a nice waltz, or polka...


Dick Durata,
You're right. I jumped the gun.
You know, kids like the macarena, even if anyone over 12 can't stand it.
Oh, and remember how fun the YMCA and the funky chicken dance were when you were seven. Can you tolerate to listen to those songs any more?

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