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May 24, 2005


Nur al-Cubicle

CAIRO - Opponents of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak rejected U.S. First Lady Laura Bush's interpretation of Egyptian politics, saying they could not even see the progress she was praising. "There are no reform steps at all. The regime is still following the dictatorial and repressive method towards the Egyptian people and opposition," said Mohamed Habib, deputy leader of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood.


Maybe she just thought Mubarak needed a tongue bath.


I don't think she wasn't properly briefed. Public Diplomacy under-secretary or not, the Bushies know their media management. I think it's just Dubya's way of reassuring Mubarak that democratization rhetoric is for American consumption and he isn't really going to pull the plug on all that nice military aid, because Egypt is too important to US interests. I see it as a nudge-wink you-pretend-to-democratize-and-we'll-praise-you gesture.

Her trip to the West Wall was intriguing. What do y'all make of that? Message to Israel?


This is just one more example of the obscene, phony, hypocritical and dangerous "Bush doctrine"......we pretend to support democracy, but in reality, and as the people in the Middle East can plainly see IT"S A SHAM.

This is only making us more distrusted, more hated, and less likely to have any real influence.

But, Bush is all about "pretend" leadership, anyway......and the fact that Karen Hughes is supposed to be the manager of our outreach tells you all you need to know.....she'a a professional propagandist and liar, plain and simple.

Nur al-Cubicle

Her trip to the West Wall was intriguing. What do y'all make of that?

One more occupant of the White House paraded to the Wailing Wall. There's been more trips there than to Normandy.

I don't know why POTUS &Cie. don't troop to Blarney Castle.

Stewart Dean

HOW did this happen????? Well, the words 'faith-based vs. reality-based/ should come to mind. *Of course* Laura projected that fantasy. That's where the Bush lives, in faith-based lunacy-land, with the Red Queen. Really, mankind there's no point in getting all upset about it. You should know by now the the Bush and the GOP apparatchik are out there in the Rapture.
Treat it as disasterously funny in some dreadful way, but don't argue the points of the situations! You can debate the Critique of Pure Reason with your cat to greater purpose.

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