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May 11, 2005



Wonder if they freeped it.

Mona Eltahawy


I saw that al-Jazeera show on the use by Arab regimes of local pecularities - great stuff mish kedda?

I love these al-Jazeera polls. I saw one last summer on Arab regimes' use of the Arab-Israeli conflict as an excuse not to reform. Again, a huge majority voted yes.

Question is - who do these dictators think they're fooling?



I'm impressed, Mubarek performed well there.


Let's head on over to the Jewy snake's nest of neocon imperialism and see what they think.


"Some are concerned that a truly open election will encourage the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood. We agree that is a concern. But, unless we expect Mubarak and his son to hold on to power indefinitely – despite all the corruption, dysfunctionalism, and anger his rule engenders in Egypt itself – this is a risk supporters of democracy must take. And this risk is more manageable now in the context of progress toward democracy rather than later, in the context of increased popular resentment and civic frustration."


the aardvark

please no name-calling or "jewy" stuff here. thanks


well, am, what Gary Schmitt either doesn't understand or neglects to mention is that the ratio of Egyptian to Israeli aid was agreed upon at Camp David. Also worth noting is that Mubarak was successful in turning the situ around on us during the Saad Ibrahim flap and marshalling his media to call the proposed witholding of aid an Israeli plot.


ardvark: was tongue-in-cheek, but I assume you understood that.

praktike: sure, the whole proposal seems fairly impractical and utopian to me. I brought it up as a check against stereotyping of neocon beliefs. But I assume you understood that ;)


Why is everyone pointing to that Jazeera poll? I've been getting many emails about it! When was those polls every scientific?? AlJazeera keeps saying that they're not, and yet keeps using them in their programs!

Its only reflective of the population that watches the channel, and is interested enough to vote in those things, and they usually have the results of the Web Polls different than the phone polls, right? because the types of people who use both are different I suppose.

And were are the rest of the candidates in this poll? Khaled MoheiElDin for example (oh, he's "others").


Well web polls are definately not scientific but with 40 millions viewers, I'd say that a poll on AlJazeera is more representitive than the usual 99% election results Egyptions are used to.


It doesn't matter if its *more* scientific. Anything would be more scientific than those 99% elections. But I hope that's not how we measure the public's view and build analysis and decisions on!

Only 50,000 participated in that poll (who cares about the 40million!), and no one knows who they represent. They could be a bunch of hackers for all I care.

the aardvark

My standard disclaimer on al-Jazeera polls, which I usually include and probably should have this time, goes like this: "AJ polls are not scientific, and like all online polls are easily manipulated. You'd be crazy to put too much stock in precise numbers, but two things can be interesting: whether the responses are roughly evenly divided or sharply skewed; and the number of responses."

I'm afraid that some people who just skimmed this post quickly might have come away with the mistaken impression that this was a scientific opinion survey of Egyptian voters.. which it obviously isn't. The problems with using this poll to say anything about Egypt should be obvious - beyond the small sample size and the ease of hacking, the voters aren't Egyptians, they come from everywhere.

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