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May 10, 2005



I think it´s quite funny that Mr Casey can´t offer a comment on Art 76, because they haven´t reviewed the legislation yet, altough the draft proposal(which to my knowledge is unchanged)has been out for public scrutiny since at least saturday, when al Ahram published the whole draft proposal. The Embassy in Cairo must have a lot of much more important things to do, than following up on the " historical decision" on 26 February. Perhaps they haven´t heard about Kifaya the Ikhwan demonstrations, arrests or the judges either ? At the same time the administration seems to have full knoledge of what the former international civil servant Hans Blix says. Hopefully they will be able to review art 76, prior to the presidential election in September.

It was a very sad day for Egypt yesterday


This is very disappointing.
Let's see if I can understand this correctly:
Syria must change because it is not a US ally and not receiving funds from the US government.
Tunisia and Egypt are okay because they are American allies receiving aid from the US.
It's okay for the US to upset every Arab government by invading Iraq in the name of democracy, but it is not okay to put pressure on American allies to actually create democracy.
I'm probably one of the only people in this part of the world (although not a minority amongst Lebanese) who believe that the US should be putting more pressure on regimes, including my own.
Bush, in his effort not to comment on internal affairs, is giving Syria a lot of power by letting it get away with rigging the electoral law.

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