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May 26, 2005



What's the story with this Naglaa character and the horse video?

Abu Tabakh

Good thing there are no Carl's Jr. outlets in the Arab world....


Hey, hey, hey,
Haifa is Shia. Give credit where it is do.
The diva is definitely not Christian.

Abu Tabakh,
We do have Carl's Jr. in Lebanon, except we have it under it's Midwestern name: Hardee's.
Oddly enough, Hardee's is using Carl's Jr.'s branding: the big smiling star on a red background. There are Hardee's all over here.
It would be great to see the Paris Hilton commercial on LBC. But I doubt it will happen.


"It would be great to see the Paris Hilton commercial on LBC. But I doubt it will happen."

Yeah. Too tame.


Meanwhile, in Texas...


I'm gonna put the news of the repression against Egyptian demonstrators on my blog

Nur al-Cubicle

Referendun ratified by the populace with 86.86% "Yes" and 53.46 voter turnout.

But what's this? The newspaper Al-Wafd (center right), sent two of its editors out to vote, which they did: one in seven polling stations and the other in six with the same voting card. No questions asked.


Voting early and voting often, I see.

Gotta love how the conversation with these boys here always goes back to half-naked Lebanese singers...;) Go on, make your arguments about how it's all for the greater cause of research into the prospects of liberalisation etc etc


SP: No, we're horny and male.:-) We're comfortable enough to admit it.:-)

Nur al-Cubicle

From the voting guide at L'Orient-Le Jour for Saturday's legislative elections in Lebanon:

4/ If you write down "Catherine Deneuve" or "Haifa Wehbé" on your ballot next to the name of a legitimate candidate, then your ballot will be considered null and void. Same goes for writing insults, a line of poetry from Rimbaud, your lucky number or what kind of mood you're in.

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