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May 06, 2005





That's the most frickin' adorable thing I've ever seen.


Wow, two kids in two years! I did that. It's hard! Get some babysitters pronto, and/or a housekeeper/mother's helper. I was a stay-at-home mom with good energy and lots of local grandparent help, but for the long haul, two little kids wore me out.

Cancel your cel phone and hire help with the money you save...do what it takes, because your marriage and your health depend upon it.

And congratulations on the darling new little one! The cubs really are worth all the trouble!

Oh yeah, and work on that bedtime routine. If it's chaotic at your house, get professional nanny help to settle it down, because miserable bedtimes create miserable kids and miserable parents, too! Seriously. This has been the number one difficulty of our family life in the last 3 years, and now that we got the kids stabilized & orderly at bedtime, our overall happiness quotient has gone up 100%. It's never too early to put them on a calm, structured bed time schedule.

(Let's hope the Aardvarks don't need this advice and have the older cub all docile and compliant about going to bed)

Nur al Cubicle

Oh my goodness! Another aardwark already! Congratulations! Pass the ants--the special karkade-wrapped ones from Ethiopia! This is happy news indeed.!


Aww, how cuuute! Another Babyvark!

Congrats, AA.

Brad Plumer

Too cute! Congratulations.


This announcement makes me wonder...

How much snark could Aardvarks bark if there were more 'varks to bark snark.

You know...for a lark ;-)



Alf Mabrouk `aleikum. Hope the Aardvark clan is all healthy - it is really wonderful news.

Ralph Luker

Congratulations to all the Aardvarks!


Good job, you had one of the cute ones...

(Don't you hate it when someone shows you a picture of a kid and you have to suppress a gag, all while choking out "oohs" and "ahs"? Abu -- you'll luckily never force that on others...)

the aardvark

Thanks everyone! Baby is doing just fine... back to the hospital now!


Absolutely adorable baby.


many congratulations to you and mrs aardvark!


Had our first and only (Mom had enclempsia (sp?)) a year ago this coming Tuesday.
Two years ago, I couldn't have cared less. Now, I am so happy for you! Congrats!
Love your stuff too. Never commented here, but visit from time to time. If I'm looking for Middle East info and stray from Juan Cole, I come directly here.
No insult intended.

Just because my girl is a year old and still gets mistaken for a boy (no hair), and I'm assuming this is a boy, are we sugar and spice or snips and snails?


Alf Mabrouk on the wonderfull baby !!

David All

Congrats to all the aardvarks. Best wishes to all.

Eric Brunner-Williams

That is an Amazing Abu Ardvark Addition!

Jay C

SOOOO cute!
Mazel Tov!


By the way, he's very alert and jolly looking. Is this a newborn (within 1-2 days) picture? He seems so present... unlike many newborns who are in a fog.


Babies are soooooooo cute when they are somone else's-& I speak as a confirmed batchelor uncle- but this new cub is the real thing. Congrats to the Aardvaark family and with any luck,sleep with become a part of life a few months down the road.

Kevin Hayden

Congratulations and healing vibes to Mama A. especially, that she may soon be recovered from the hard work she had to endure.

May peace be upon each of you.

El Savior

Congratulations to Mr&Mrs Aadvark! Thats a very cute baby:)

Dave Schuler

Congratulations on the new Aardvark. May his termites be plentiful.

Brian Ulrich

Awesome! Congrats! It's one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.


yetrabba fee 3ezzak.

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