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April 04, 2005



this is really weird...
because I couldn't help noticing that Aljazeera.net coverage of the story didn't sing along the chorus and wasn't exactly too sympathetic...

for example compare their selection of titles and pictures to that of alhayat who had a big picture of him with a dove on their site..

while at aljazeera.net:

جنازة البابا الجمعة والكرادلة يجرون مداولات سرية

the pope's funeral on friday, and the cardinals hold secret negotiations

خلافة البابا بين الديمقراطية وأسرار الغرف السوداء

the succession of the pope between democracy and the secrets of black rooms

البابا حاور المسلمين واليهود أكثر رضا عنه

the pope had a dialogue with muslims and the jews are more satisfied with him
and in that article ( http://www.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/B8C0D503-F62B-4EB9-A5E2-05C5A7B43166.htm)
they point out that he refused to apologize to muslims about the crusades while he apologized to jews, and that when visting damascus refused to visit saladin's grave

العرب ينعون البابا ويصفونه برجل سلام

arabs mourn the pope and describe him as a man of peace
( compare that to the man of peace passes away)

the aardvark

Weird! The coverage on al Jazeera that I've seen - and I admit that I've been generally tuning that stuff out, so this is mainly an impression of background noise - has been that there has been a lot of coverage, it's been respectful, and that it's been pretty solemn. I wonder if something is happening in between the station and the website...

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