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April 26, 2005



Man Dates rock! And he says he's against gay-marriage...

Nur al Cubicle

How about that shot of the pair holding hands down the garden path yesterday @ atrios? Touchy-feely!

Issandr El Amrani

watching that scene when they're holding hands last night on cnn made my jaw drop. not just because of the ridiculousness of it all, but you see there how frail Crown Prince Abdullah is. He's walking in small, trembling steps...


"Saudi media" gets discussed so often as if it were a direct extension of the Saudi foreign ministry and the kingdom's policy goals. Is this really true? Given that the Saudi-US relationship is by no means back to the Fahd days (and never will be -- show me the weapons deals, the US bases, and $20 crude and maybe then I'll be a believer again), what are more likely alternatives? Are these media groups more likely reflecting Saudi corporate interests? After all, it's bad for business to have Qaeda-type guys running around blowing up western housing compounds and people engaging in boycotts of American goods that your company is the official agent for. Another possibility could be that there are policy goals here that are being fed to these media conglomerates by the royals. Sort of a "fundamentally we are against most US policies in the region, but best to not be openly antagonistic and to throw them a few bones in areas where we have some common interests" (like taking down hard-core violent Salafis).


Anybody know how old Abdullah is?


According to Wikipedia he's over 80.

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