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April 30, 2005


Nur al Cubicle

It was a family-organized hit per European wires.

First Iab Yassin, 47, jumped off the Sixth of October bridge holding a bomb into Abdel Muneim Riad square, near the Ramses Hilton and the Egyptian Museum at 3:00 pm. The bomb decapitated Yassin and wounded a Swedish physician returning from Darfur and his Italian fiancee, two Israelis and four Egyptians. One of the victims is dead.

Two hours later, his sister and his wife, dressed in niqabs, opened fire on a tour bus in the Sayeda Aisha quarter near the Saladin District at the entrance into Cairo's Old City, wounding three persons. One woman shot her companion then shot herself after being surrounded by police.


I don't think you mean Zaynab ... that's in Damascus, isn't it?

Anna in Cairo

It was near Sayyida Aisha. There is a Sayyida Zainab mosque too, they are pretty close to each other.

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