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April 02, 2005



I had it on in the background and vaguely sensed that it was an interesting show, but could only catch the odd word now and then. Who was the other guy (bald, w/ the Capitol Bldg. in the background?)


Oh great commentary AA. It was such a good show, huh? You don't miss a beat do you? Well, personally, I'm about to hit the wall when it comes to articulating my position without having to curse. And I'm certainly a reform-minded individual. So I'm really happy these concerns were voiced the way they were. And yep, it's true. How can America be trusted? It's so strange, though...I see all sorts of people (even ones that have expressed hatred for America) say that they'll be happy if the US gets involved. So, they essentially want to use the US to get certain dirty work done. I think such a position is deplorable, yet it's getting more common. And it appears as though the Bush administration is willing to selectively oblige without concern for the US taxpayer.

As for the Jordan comments: I'm so glad it came up in this manner. It's getting to the realm of being beyond hypocrisy on the current administration's part. Propping up puppets and being insistent on democracy just won't jive with the arab street any longer.

Two random comments my mother made about Iraq and Egypt earlier today were interesting. She said upon seeing so many people wearing ehgal in Iraq, "I never saw people wearing ehgal when we were living there." And "Nobody in Egypt likes Hosni Mubarak." Simple statements, sure. But my mother never minces words. And they are telling.

Daniel Makar

Looks like i really missed a good show, to bad !

Do al Jazeera offer transcripts ??
Where can i find them ?

Thanks for a terrific blog !

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