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March 28, 2005



Or you could comment on Abdullah II's effort to gain domestic US support in his effort to thrawt the "Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah" Axis, (or does this have something to do with keeping the "Arab Spring" at bay?)

In Rare Exchange, Jordan's King Says Syria, Iran Threaten Israel
'Bold' Words to Groups Seen as Bid for Key Role
By Ori Nir
March 25, 2005

He told his Jewish interlocutors that his warning of a Syria-Hezbollah attempt to instigate anti-Israeli terrorism is in part based on a recent increase in infiltrations of Hezbollah militants into Jordan. The king said that Jordanian law-enforcement agents recently caught several vehicles with armed men — suspected Hezbollah members — who crossed the border from Syria with the apparent intention to either attack Israeli targets in Jordan or to cross the border into the West Bank.

Jordan is particularly concerned that Iran will act to turn Iraq into another Shi'ite Islamic republic. In a recent interview with Satloff, of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, published in the current issue of the Middle East Quarterly, the king said: "My concern is political, not religious, revolving around Iran, Iran's political involvement inside Iraq, its relation with Syria and Hezbollah, and the strengthening of (their) political-strategic alliance. This would create a scenario where you have these four [Iran, Iran-influenced Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah] who have a strategic objective that could create a major conflict."



Poor you. I prefer all the choices to d), but have been there too. Hope the little one is better soon.


Just one gallon? Try it with twins and a toddler who just had one not-cooked-so-well plate of kabob!


Well, at least you're in there helping Mrs. Aardvark, and not claiming that your stellar career needs you more than she does. I mean, your career is stellar, and you are a prolific and brilliant scholar, but thank God you're *willing* to deal with baby vomit.

Your child and your wife will thank you, I hope, one day, for not being a selfish self-absorbed male academic of the old school.


I hope Baby Aardvark feels better soon!


Blaaaaaargh! Sorry. Blaaargh!

the aardvark

Thanks, everybody!

An important lesson: just because a baby aardvark *says* she feels better and wants milk, does not mean that the baby aardvark should *get* milk.

Trust me.

John Penta

Aww, poor babyvark.

And much pity for AA.

Nur al-Cubicle

Stiff upper snout, there, AA. Well done! Carry on!

Meanwhile: Freedom!
An al-Arabiya television reporter, Waël Issam, was arrested at Baghdad International Airport after a videotape was discovered in his baggage showing the devastation in Fallujah. Jawad Kadhem, Baghdad bureau chief for the satellite TV network, had previously announced that Issam, returning home after a 4-day assignment, was arrested on the airport highway by Iraqi police, who confiscated all the video footage with him which had been gathered in Iraq. Mr. Kadhem confirms that contacts have been made with the Interior Ministry to release the reporter.

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