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March 10, 2005



There is no "march to freedom" in Arab and Muslim countries. Bush and his disciples may say and believe what they like, the fact is that the Bush administration is supporting oppressive regimes, who will not benefit from any "march to freedom".

American interventionist foreign policy has strengthened the Islamists. Any free election in Muslim countries will strengthen them. Just look at the recent elections in Turkey, Pakistan and Iraq for example.


David Witt

i agree with Faisal's points, and want to add my own talking point here:

i find that Bush and his neocons are being used as a convenient 'bogeyman' for the Syrians, among others, to rail against. while here in the US, politicians have traditionaly used 'communism' and lately 'terrorism' to rally supporters and frighten dissenters, Bush and the neocons have lately replaced the Israelis as the agent du jour of hate and fear in the ME.

what i mean by this is that the supporters of the Syrian regime have all (predictably) tried to quell the 'problem' of the Lebanese opposition, by portraying them as being stooges or puppets of Bush and his neocons--while there is plenty of good reason to dislike the American govt, due to its years of meddling in the region, too often this boogeyman is co-opted by any strongman looking to preserve his ME fiefdom--after all, there seems to be plenty of prevailing 'wisdom' in the region of 'well, at least an Arab dictator is better than an American one (a trick question: one does not choose a dictator, the dictator chooses YOU)

in other words, it's important for the people of Lebanon and Syria to recognize this: there are many, many people in the US (and the world) who want you to be free--i'm not talking about Bush's 'freedom' bs, but the freedom to be able to express yourself, without worrying about a knock on the door in the middle of the night, freedom to sell your goods without some corrupt govt official wetting his beak, and freedom to practice your own religious beliefs without being imposed on by others.

freedom is a universal ideal, not something that is owned by Bush and co, and there are many people here in the US who disagree with Bush's policies, but who firmly support the Lebanese independence!

David All

David Witt, thank you. Agree with you completely.

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