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March 17, 2005



Did the Jordanian press reports include a statement to the effect of "King, Bush hold identical views on democracy, freedom"? That's kind of a standard line, too, no matter who the king is meeting.

David All

Sorry if I have missed this info, but what country is al Hayat published in?

the aardvark

London and Beirut. Saudi owned. One of the three big pan-Arab dailies, along with al Sharq al Awsat and al Quds al Arabi.

David All

Thanks, Aardvark.

John Penta

Actually, Aardvark, would it be much of a bother to write a post profiling each of the major newspapers (at least the pan-Arab papers), their ownership, where published, and general notes on their editorial stances?

I and probably many others are sort of clueless about them.


AA, the Economist has a piece on the "media war" in Lebanon:


Money quote is where a Shi'a leader admits ruefully that the opposition babes are hotter. Not to open that can of worms again ...

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