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March 22, 2005



Huwaidi has always been the most tolerant islamist intellectual when it comes to shia...
his book "iran mina aldakhel" published in the 80's was banned in many gulf states because it was regarded as too pro-iran, when all the gulf was favoring saddam... in the first chapters of this book he gives a very positive overview of the shia history... I have seen many shia writers quoting the book when debating with salafis to prove that "shias are muslims and not infidels, says howaidi"...
in his weekly columns in al-ahram or asharq-al-awsat he writes frequently about iran- who he frequently visits-, the reformist, the elections... etc
and after the iraq war he wrote an article that might seem a bit unrealistic about sunnis and shias in iraq involved in armed resistance... but it wasn't just about showing that "all iraqis" are against occupation, it was also to debate wuth the anti-shia trend calling shias traitors, collaborators, fifth column...etc

the aardvark

Mohammed - good context, that's helpful. I also remember that in Huwaydi's critical book on the Taliban, he highlighted their anti-Shi'ism.


and he made sure not to forget (before finishing his breath from last week) the American foreign policy again in this week's column (censored by AlAhram), criticizing the "Arab Spring" and stressing that Washington has a ceiling for the cosmetic reform accessories that its calling for.

the aardvark

I was in a major Cairo bookstore a few years ago and I asked for help finding a book by Huwaydi. The guy practically spit with contempt that Huwaydi was "hakumi", government, and not authentic or respectable. That surprised me, because he had been delighted to sell me books by Tariq al Bishri and Hassan Hanafi and Nasir Abu Zayd and lots of others, but he just didn't like Huwaydi. Go figure.


first time I hear about someone calling howaidi a hokoomi!
maybe because he has a weekly article at ahram?
but on the other hand, I know that he is some kind of a figure for Egyptian journalists for standing for what he believes in, refusing shady relations... the liberal alwafd - well, supposingly liberal- and the leftist alahali would introduce him as someone they disagree with but respect at the same time. few years ago he wrote a series of controversial articles at alwafd mourning the ethics and the independence of egyptian journalists...

abu aardavark, let me guess... it can't be shorouq because they adore him and all the "moderate islamsist"... is it madbouli?

the aardvark

Mohammed, you're incredible! It was, in fact, Madbouli.

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