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March 25, 2005


ibn 'irs

Good stuff, Destiny is a favorite of mine.

What was the name of that Adel Imam movie where he's a crooked ad agency guy who has to come up with Al-Fankoosh? An old Arabic teacher showed it to our class once and it was about the funniest movie I've seen in any language.


Al Fankoosh! I remember that one... it was brilliant.. so funny. It was called "ar-ragol alazi faqada aqluh". But my favourite Adel Imam one is "ar-risala ila al-wali".

But man, I would love to see the great Sha'ban Abdul Raheem in Congress. I'll have to get a hold of it from somewhere?

So what's up with all these Egyptian movies that are about putting someone in a foreign environment? There was "Saidi fi Gamea al-Amrikiya", and there was "al-Tagroba Danmarkia", and recently there's this great Egyptian Kung Fu film showing at the theatre that I still have to watch called "Fool al-Seen al-Azim"... and tonnes of others, I don't even remember. What's up?

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