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March 31, 2005



So, mundane example, but still: A student was barred from entering the American University campus last week because he was wearing two stickers from the Kifaya protest in Tahrir. He'd been there all morning protesting, and went to campus in the afternoon (who says students don't care about their education?)...Anyhow, he showed his ID, but the guards wouldn't let him in. He called the Provost's office, and the Provost's secretary told the guard to let him in, to no avail. Eventually, the head of security intervened, and he was allowed to enter.

The more interesting bit, to me, was the coverage of this in the student paper. Representatives of the student judicial board defended the guards, saying that no one is allowed to enter campus with "advertising material" without a permit and the student was in error. Classic.

One student, however, raised the question of what would have been done if the the stickers read "Na'am" instead...


Millions of MB in demonstration!! I'd be interested to see such a sight. Hell, if they can organize a demonstration of millions they would've been in power ages ago.

the aardvark

Mohamed - yeah, it seemed like setting the bar pretty high to me too. Also hard to reconcile a demonstration of "millions" with Mohammed Akef's statement reported on al Jazeera yesterday that the MB would continue to demand reform but "would not resort to a confrontation with the regime."


I bet you could fit at least a million people into Midan Tahrir.


Well, apparently Akef's non-confrontational approach does not suit many MBs, especially with other groups confronting the regime and getting the headlines. And so they've decided to go out and show what they can still do. I wonder if the MB demonstration was blessed by Akef or not?


As an American I have to wonder how the boobs that rule over me are going to respond to all this - as the increasing democratization means inevitably making more political and eventually representative space for Islamists. The MB have made it clear they're okay with participating in legislature in non-Sharia-ruled states. Anyone have any thoughts on what we'll see?

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