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March 31, 2005



That's not the only crisis:




Joe Trippi on Qatar and Al Jazeera:



This is just another example of Mubarak throwing a few favors at Islamists to secure his regime. It's just like when the regime bans books to appease to Islamic community. Mubarak's only interest is staying in power, not subscribing to a unified ideological plan.
However, this ban will do little given that most shisha, qahwa, and falafel cafes in Egypt have satellite TV.
If they can't get their fill of skirt from national broadcasts and Mazzika, they will just turn to Walid bin Talal's Rotana, LBC, or Nagham.

Abu Tabakh

Joe Trippi is trippin' on the spring water at the Ritz-Carlton in Doha...

Anna in Cairo

The musicians are against the Lebanese video clips because of Rotana et al.'s monopolization on the Arab music scene. They are trying to fight back. I don't think censorship is the best method, but I guess it's up to them to decide on their tactics. Once again, an older Ahram Weekly article (I believe it was in 2003 sometime) gives a very good and detailed analysis of the Lebanese/Egyptian competition for cultural supremacy in the ME, and how the Lebanese companies are winning by buying out Egyptian music distributors/producers and signing contracts with Egyptian entertainers, then not producing anything.

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