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March 18, 2005


David Witt

there's no big suprise here--the Bush regime is noted both by their manipulation of 'friendly' media outlets, while also doing everything in their power to rail against the 'liberal media' (such as the noted lefty powerhouse The New York Times)

while the US mainstream media is breathlessly reporting from Lebanon (anybody see Anderson Cooper's reports from Martyr's Square on CNN?) that the 'inspiration of the Iraqi people voting,' was the tipping point--while this seems laughable to anybody familiar with the situation, it's impressive (and deceptive) to the average American junk-TV viewer, who just switched to the story from the other 'hot' news stories...michael jackson, scott peterson, etc.

good characterization of Karen Hughes as a 'PR spinner'--she does everything but wave pom poms and lead cheers for Dubya--he can do no wrong in her eyes, which leads to some really twisted convolutions of reality in her speechification...

while in some sense it's good for the US to become involved in the ME, it's a mistake to hope for Bush to lead the 'march to freedom.' personally, i buy into the AA's earlier post, that it is the advent of satellite television and the internet that is the main force behind this sea change in the ME--

in other words, now that Bush & co are spinning the ME media this way, all i can say is, 'welcome to the club!'


My Dearest Abu.

I've been reading you awhile now, stealing the value of your posts without saying "thank you".

But now, I do.

Lately I got onto the Dailykos thing.

It gives me a head-ache.

And I noticed that the bash independant Arab media thing doesn't seem big there, the biggest of the blogthingy.

For a coupla days I forgot

how really dangerous that is.

Thanks for reminding me.


ps. That font you're using for the inserts is just like the SwissInfo font! Tiny! I can't read it though I strongly suspect it would be interesting. Bummer!

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